What to expect!

Oke let us do some brainstorming. And yes even though this blog is based around me I do listen to people and suggestions are welcome.

A short list (cliché incoming): Anime, games, music, comics, news, films, series, object(literally anything goes). I need to ellaborate don’t I?

Oke I could talk about anime that I have watched, am watching, or will watch. I would be able to do the same about games but instead focus more on what has than what will be. This is because lately I have not been gaming intensely but back in the day I was addicted. I will still be able to talk about trailers and news of upcoming games all depends on you and me.

Furthermore I could talk about food and places I like or about places I will go to. Things I have experienced there are a lot of things really. I guess the best plan of attack is to just dive in and start.

Most likely I will use this page to put small lists if I know of things I am planning to do.