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Welcome beings, to the happenstance of life.

Right what about it do many of us despise. We are wiser than that.

Yet most of us are a bunch of lice. A bunch of flies flocking to conflict.

To go against to constrict to push down. Rocking only misfits.

We miss finesse, I keep seeing frowns. We came far in 100 years. Reaped the seeds. but now only regress.

A steep line of the same fear everywhere. To be honest I am scared how bad we are at live and let go.

It shows intelligence brings forth disaster. Like walls of zero dilligence we plaster them together.

We really should sort society out since we are no longer tethered. Find sobriety please dont shout or scream. My ears are fine but the mind no longer holds the seams.

All seems to be falling apart. To earth our nations are just warts and it feels as if mother nature tries to thwart us into dismay.

Life is a sensation not something astray. Step up lead the way. Show eachother how to abstain from disdain.

You might only have one run so does everyone other.

Try to leave it clean for next wave of sons and daughters.


Hey there fellow readers and writers. As you may have noticed (or not) it has been a bit quiet. Correct!

Last week at my day job I worked 59 hours and this week started with 11 and 9 hours respectively again. So you may hopefully guess it would be too much for my feeble mind to handle. (I am quick to get negative effects from stress.)

However yesterday I got my replacement phone (Rip in literal pieces old phone) which for example enables me to make this post during breaktime. I might randomly give updates on my life where needed to balance the lack of poetry.

I hope this was enough info. Thanks for your time.


signed: The Caretaker*

*Title given to me years ago.