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The frequencies of existence.

The freaks in seas are persistent.

You might not believe this superstition… oh poor systems.

Many of us grief science. But if you question fact why not question god?

I hear no compliance.

Sorry, did you feel attacked?

Its just a thought.

….I possess only respect.

Everyone feels what they feel.

Wether they believe and hope or accept whats real.

Except thats not really the deal.

Either Divine or coincidence, real or fake

Let me give you some excelense to take.

You always dine with the same dillemma at stake.

It either began or didnt both equally illogical. Think and find its stressfully irrational.

Stretch fully international and ponder together. Wander off in mind.

Sink the bind and tether.

And most of all feel inclined.

We need to rethink or lives, hives, and strives, our kinks and minds.

To fix our devestation in time.

Before disaster strikes our kind.

When it happens your money wont even be worth a dime. Sooooo….

Take a filler a breather of any kind.

Keep moving dont be a seater.

And be inclined to see her beauty proving the amazingness that is life.

Dont just survive.

Dont thrive for others, dont join the hive, but care for your brothers.

Or your sisters we remain with many blisters.

No longer does life show any glitters.

Glamour is the reason we lost our shine.

Now its just worshipping idols or some random shrine.

Its time to make a change.

No matter your range or stance.

Just act before we derange.

Have a good cause to gain fans.

Earth will be fine its but the end of the humans.


Welcome beings, to the happenstance of life.

Right what about it do many of us despise. We are wiser than that.

Yet most of us are a bunch of lice. A bunch of flies flocking to conflict.

To go against to constrict to push down. Rocking only misfits.

We miss finesse, I keep seeing frowns. We came far in 100 years. Reaped the seeds. but now only regress.

A steep line of the same fear everywhere. To be honest I am scared how bad we are at live and let go.

It shows intelligence brings forth disaster. Like walls of zero dilligence we plaster them together.

We really should sort society out since we are no longer tethered. Find sobriety please dont shout or scream. My ears are fine but the mind no longer holds the seams.

All seems to be falling apart. To earth our nations are just warts and it feels as if mother nature tries to thwart us into dismay.

Life is a sensation not something astray. Step up lead the way. Show eachother how to abstain from disdain.

You might only have one run so does everyone other.

Try to leave it clean for next wave of sons and daughters.


Since humanity or life in general seems to be a clash of clans.

I set out at 9 to spread my own dance.

My group filled with endless chance. Indifference really needs to gain some fans.

We hairless apes clearly cant hold hands.

So acceptance is what need to understand.

We need to stop being so bland.

And cut down a bit on pointless rants.

Instead of judgement look at your own stance.

Look a bit further than just a first glance.

Please wake up from this labeling trance.

Take up the job to apprehend.

To fix eachother with metaphoric stents.

Look we dont all need to be good friends.

But it doesnt hurt to show some love to your fellow men.

Because man we really done goofed.

Society all around went aloof.

And we are proof.

So far.

So far in life I’ve been nothing but lazy. But maybe I’m just acting crazy. Baby the placebo is hazy. I keep asking why.

My ego in the gutter in the lay-by. The mind always on that stutter. Headaches, chronic like a maze of constant suffer. It keeps on that buffer. Feels down bellow oh so chthonic, oh so demonic. Wishful angelic, looking for indifference relics.

Like hell it’s hot to the core. Life can keep you constantly sore. Constant return for more. Constantly burning through conflict galore.

Human society interdicts before they deplore. They deploy decoys for themselves. Endless façades in which we delve.

In which we die through wars on the shelf.

Live your life by yourself, ends are always nigh.

Enjoy before you die.

Loves construct

Love is a construct not only a chemical.

A pentagram to be precise, albide a bit ethical.

To me the order is important. It can make or break a timely consortant.

First comes acquaintance. The meet and greet.

The phase of easing up to one another, have some small talk and a laugh.

Friendships engine is next to rev.

You apparently had matching tastes, thoughts, and interest.

To open up and debate is your following test.

There is trust to gain and exchange some respect.

Number three is platonic the intellectual connect.

Discussing life and philosophy between.

Four is a charm the romance starts blooming.

A spark ignited you start to think about grooming.

So now we reached an impasse, what more is there to discover?

The big FIVE is erotic. Explore because you found your soulmate lover.