Loves construct

Love is a construct not only a chemical. A pentagram to be precise, albide a bit ethical. To me the order is important. It can make or break a timely consortant. First comes acquaintance. The meet and greet. The phase of easing up to one another, have some small talk and a laugh. Friendships engine […]

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Family fun

I “came” to the rescue. But then I got locked up. I thought I did good, this is when they told me to stop. Apparently so I can’t “cum” on the police. *SIGH* They sound the same as all of my homies.

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We crawl we walk. We make noise and eventually talk. 18 years of nurturing, virtually anything goes. Look at where you stand, at your friends, at your foes. What did you learn, what have you seen. Where will you go, where have you been? Spread hate, love or something else…. just don’t remain still. Do […]

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Package of soul

Vessels with a soul, essence of intellect. Species with a goal, less and less respect. Nature conquered and we stole. A group of demons in a sect. Dropping down an endless hole. All in our path will get wrecked.                                 […]

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I want to be free. Look at these governments I just don’t agree. Look at the game of politics, nothing but full of dirty tricks. Money and pots of greed, there shouldn’t be need. People oh so poor, children everywhere crying. A world of torture and the bees could be dying. Why? You ask “might […]

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