I want to be free. Look at these governments I just don’t agree.

Look at the game of politics, nothing but full of dirty tricks.

Money and pots of greed, there shouldn’t be need.

People oh so poor, children everywhere crying.

A world of torture and the bees could be dying.

Why? You ask “might this be relevant?”

It could well be the very end.

Take the bottom piece and all will fall.

Play some Jenga bunch of stupid meatballs.


Goals in life you show to thrive in society, find work in sobriety of the hive minds propriety.

Filled with anxiety full of notoriety. Not too ripe to see the vileness so bright to feel its dark when sealed.

Be stark dont kneel to ground. Feel around, sense the bounds and exceed them.

Free them inner sparks you need them. We bleed when we hit our heads from greed.

And we cut when envy arrives. Keep your strive towards endless might.

Treat your mind gently. Find your entries into success slave away to beat personal best.

Pave the way for a formidable quest of finding that which you love. It all starts out rough. But sharpen it and stay tough.

Harden the ego charge for it is never enough. Life is short. Enjoy for it may abruptly abort.

And sadly thats probably where it all stops.

Hey you

Hey I didnt see you there. Please come closer dont be scared. Be wary but never impaired.

In pairs you are stronger then theirs. Than who? doesnt matter mon frère.

Just dare to do what the heart wants to pursuit. Walk through life in flair do what must be done before it starts to hunt and alter you in essence.

We dont want to change and give the ego an excrescence. Dont turn deranged identity is comparable to stents.

Life like the dance of blood through veins. It can go many ways. Fill it with lenity. Keep mundane but with insanity.

The thrills of finding serenity are a gift of probable causes. Intelligence gave rise to society with many unfavorable clauses.

But many foods are bland without sauces. So marinade your personal escapade. Just munch it up before its too late.

Time will never wait. Dont forget to act. Dont forget to do more, and remember no regret.

It doesnt end well if one dwells on the past dont let it all sink to your chest but chast from vile filth for your feels for your mind for your appeals.

Eat enjoyment as much or more as you do meals. Try never to bore your brain or ideals. Ideally refrain from any boring ordeals.

We retrain our rationale after ever significant moment.

Life is but a shortlived omen.


Hey there fellow readers and writers. As you may have noticed (or not) it has been a bit quiet. Correct!

Last week at my day job I worked 59 hours and this week started with 11 and 9 hours respectively again. So you may hopefully guess it would be too much for my feeble mind to handle. (I am quick to get negative effects from stress.)

However yesterday I got my replacement phone (Rip in literal pieces old phone) which for example enables me to make this post during breaktime. I might randomly give updates on my life where needed to balance the lack of poetry.

I hope this was enough info. Thanks for your time.


signed: The Caretaker*

*Title given to me years ago.