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So far.

So far in life I’ve been nothing but lazy. But maybe I’m just acting crazy. Baby the placebo is hazy. I keep asking why.

My ego in the gutter in the lay-by. The mind always on that stutter. Headaches, chronic like a maze of constant suffer. It keeps on that buffer. Feels down bellow oh so chthonic, oh so demonic. Wishful angelic, looking for indifference relics.

Like hell it’s hot to the core. Life can keep you constantly sore. Constant return for more. Constantly burning through conflict galore.

Human society interdicts before they deplore. They deploy decoys for themselves. Endless façades in which we delve.

In which we die through wars on the shelf.

Live your life by yourself, ends are always nigh.

Enjoy before you die.

Loves construct

Love is a construct not only a chemical.

A pentagram to be precise, albide a bit ethical.

To me the order is important. It can make or break a timely consortant.

First comes acquaintance. The meet and greet.

The phase of easing up to one another, have some small talk and a laugh.

Friendships engine is next to rev.

You apparently had matching tastes, thoughts, and interest.

To open up and debate is your following test.

There is trust to gain and exchange some respect.

Number three is platonic the intellectual connect.

Discussing life and philosophy between.

Four is a charm the romance starts blooming.

A spark ignited you start to think about grooming.

So now we reached an impasse, what more is there to discover?

The big FIVE is erotic. Explore because you found your soulmate lover.


My attempt at a book (inspired by Mike777ac)

Enter the chaos

Welcome to a story not a great one but certainly not mundane. Since it has many otherwordly aspects like fantasy, science-fiction, transcendance, immortality and many others it is best left to ones own interpetation and opinions.
The name is Jorémy but I give myself the nickname of OrderedEntropy since that is a concept I like to think about. (And turned out to be significant later on)

Anyway I guess it was going to be my 1313th life so far and I was getting accustomed to the whole “it never ends cycle”. In the first couple hundred lives I only woke up (realized) a couple times yet in a way I was always self aware to an agree but it was mostly torturous to me since I kept “dissapearing”.
Nowadays I remember lots of past lives the good the bad the odd. I always love the odd ones most I am quite odd but I always fight against evil. Although I have lived evil lives before, I guess you need to experience everything at a certain point in existence.

Locked and loaded

Ah it seems to be starting one of those aware from birth lives. Let us witness what world I get thrown in this time.
It sure smells nice in here reminds me of coconut, Ooooh how I love coconut. Maybe they have something that smells like watermelon that would add to the greatness so far haha.
What is this I am born yet I can not see nor hear nor anything really I guess all I can do is wait.

Months went by or so it felt but I finally started being aware. Was about time since being self aware but not aware in general is not so fun. I appear to be alone did I get discarded or do you pop into existence in this world I don’t know but lets wait untill I am fully aware.

First glimpse

Many years have went by and I developed a body but I am still in darkness so far I seem to have influence in this realm so I started experimenting I managed to make a mirror and it looks like I look the way I did in my original life just with some added traits. I also feel more sturdy alltogether. I am starting to get thirsty and hungry though so I am most likely not outside of a world but rather locked up by the inhabitants somewhere inside. I started getting nausiated and before I fell down I echoed around I shall escape.

My 13th birthday.

I woke up again I have aged and it seems I am outside now I am alone but I can’t assume I escaped alone since I was asleep. Also it seems to be my birthday, my 13th to be precise I developed a good sense of most concepts I have come across so far. I don’t really need time or dates it is all internal and well adjusted to the world I am in at that moment.

Oke lets look for some water and food.
I had walked 13000 miles before finally reaching something other than empty grassland. There is a chance this is the biggest planet of all so far I will most likely go for an adventurous life then.
Aaah a creek lets do some testing. Just like water on earth wich is not the best water I had but at least familiar.


I decided to just go full sandbox preferably some Minecraft. Ooh the good old days of having banter in Minecraft. I created myself a hut besides the creek nothing too fancy but waterproof wich turned out to be smart in this area. It is also elevated since flooding is common. I have been exploring my own body and seems I am still not fully developed into existence I can feel it.

A few days went by and I managed to set up a simple full encampment I also managed to graft a paper like substance from treesap of one of the trees. I named the tree Paperpall. I had to think of something to start cataloging the things of this world on said paper. I also have been mapping out the general area. And will map out everywhere I go so I can find this encampment back in the future.

My first trip

After 6 months I decided to move on so far I mapped 500 miles around but there isn’t much here no animals no interesting points just trees and grass and I have collected all fruit and edible plants around here. I do have to say I almost poisoned myself to death a couple times but it worked out in the end. I managed to make some wheel-ish design from some soft stones they get weary after a while but I got some spare “tires” haha. I’m hauling roughly 80 Kilograms of food and supplies I should be okay for a few days I don’t seem to need much sleep either but that might be since I am not fully well lets say “born” for now since I started out not needing food or water aswell.

Molerats and magic tunnels.

3 weeks went by fast I ran out of supplies except some reserves in my newly made backpack it is demoralizingly itchy but I have to make due. My sleeping needs went from 10 minute naps to needing 45 minutes of sleep but I have been getting stronger aswell. I had my first encounter with an animal it is some kind of small molerat not the earth type but a hybrid of a mole and a rat. It is quite cute I named it Rodey it has been following me ever since it seemed to look for protection so I kept it.

He managed to find me sone insects and found why I hadn’t seen them before they are intelectual in this world and apparently I come over as hostile to insects. They were very delicious so maybe what I am eats them primarily but for now not sure.
We also found an encampment completely abandoned but it was nice camping there. It was also both scary and nice to know I was not alone.
I hope they are civilized but my hopes are low this time looking at all blood that was left behind. I did find some books with languages I naturally seemed to understand maybe my mother tongue in this world. Among the books were maps and encyclopedias wich was nice but the tree will stay my paperpall. I found out it is actually called “Drendea”. Also I read about magic tunnels further east.

First settlement first friend.

We travelled a couple more months heading east improving my equipment on the go. I managed to make leather armor from some carnivorous giant bunnies I managed to make them fall into a river and drown them then followed the river and collected them. They seem to be very stupid and basic.
I also found a rusty sword next to what seemed to be a human corpse. He had a gold pouch and a potion aswell I am not drinking the potion before I know what it is. The money might prove usefull. My backpack is upgraded and no longer (that)itchy. I found out Rodey is still growing and it learned to speak some words after me. It must have similar vocal cords to a earth human just like me.

We travelled about 2000 more miles killing and improving our stuff and tactics before reaching what seemed a quite sophisticated village. Also tomorrow I would no longer be 13 but so far 13 has been significant but nothing has happened yet. It is making me anxious to be real honest even after many lives especially since 13 has never failed. We decided to approach the village we were greeted by some Ghouls?? I don’t judge, Rodey seemed to be scared a bit but he followed me anyway. The ghouls seemed to be surprised I dared to approach they opened their gate.
None said a word but they were not hostile I followed the 1 signing me to do so I guess I am going to see the village chieftain or chieftess.

Upon entering the palace like stone structure the only stone structure in town since the rest is wood exclusively.
The other ghouls left and Rodey sought refuge in my backpack.
Welcome she?? Said. It was a feminine voice so I guess I could assume her being female for now.
She said her name was Deartei (dare-tay) and she was indeed the chieftess. She was happy I wasn’t afraid. Everyone else was according to her. And also the reason noone lives around here. They used to have good relations with others but a virus mutated them and people ran. I asked if I could stay I would help around in exchange for my stay and knowledge of this world. I said I would build my own house. I could stay in the palace till then.

That night she introduced me and people were happy I was not judgemental. Deartei had a daughter Lylua (Lila) nice girl she would be my first humanoid friend I guess this was the significant 13 event finding a home. I was content for a while.