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Today I wanted to take my time to tell you all about something sublime.

Something many consider a crime.

Yet looking past it culturally its just a prime.

Sensationally an amazing enzyme.

One to make you question societal design.

Thc, mary jane, cannabis floating on cloud 9.

They see a wary lane can a business shroud the mind.

About incline of government grime.

We need a spout of betterment.

In regulations of the green settlement.

Weed aint bad its the domes natural element.

Blue boys being mean. Suit boys crash the scene.

Nations fail to see the benefit of ganja slashes.

Locking up results in social crashes.

Flocking potheads insults the masses.

Stereotyping makes for bad classes.

Causes drama to be where the sass is.

Karma isnt enough to suss this.

Cultivate your darma to clutch this.

And dont hold any grudges.

We need to initiate to budge biz.

Before legality trusts this.


Lets do a story before we, end deranged and lonely. Only if we estranged apes could sing homely instead of picking homes. If only we thought with our heart not the dick and dome.

Let us start the telling of some big MO.

History is like kidney stones. It grows blows out of proportion it shows through the drama on this earth sized stage. Its the darma of endless karma plus rage. And at this point she’s a charmer not a bitch. Shes the untouchable witch like a golden snitch during a game of quidditch. Literal like the snake she is but it was us eating the forbidden fruit. Giving up our souls to take through moralities roots. Morale is but feeble thing breaking down at the slightest ring all you have to do is cross a border.

As in travel abroad or the social order.

They dont uphold so instead mine are based on science. This way it matters not if there is no compliance.

Cant dispute facts out of arrogance or nuance. Nor can you use hocus pocus or a seance.

We really do need to focus. It seems more like we are crocus planted by the government to strengthen their base of financial torment. Yet did any of us actually present them with our assent? No we remained dormant they made us their personal convent.

But let us convey instead our message of dissent and send them signals ahead. Have them spread and create some political bloodshed. Simmer down the hate. At least inbetween. Common mankind isnt the enemy. Rather everyones got a friend in me. Just wait and see if we change our creed we will change our needs and our greeds. Maybe even tone down the heat.

But never forget society is a lake, politics a piranha.

They’ll eat off your skin now your gone ya.

Never remain in your closet this ain’t Narnia.

Be yourself put it out dont leave it in your barnyard.

See the world your target now bombard.

See the world your starlet now die hard.

But before keep going, keep showing walk on any leyline keep flowing.

Feel the mana around ever growing.

Its our time! keep boasting.

Life is a lone wolf dire in size. Revise your stance show some fire and ice. Dance and gather a choir. Set up a shire comprised of thought and ideals the internet is your amplifier, sometimes wrought with boring ordeals.

But remember life is a steal we couldve also not existed so whats the deal noone really knows. Belief isnt proving. Nowadays science is just goofing.

Ignorance grows and the government likes this compliance.

Lets work around our differences and bounds. In the end we are all lonely together, seperatly tethered. So let us shake hands for the better.

Before the high ups have us completely shattered.

How to write.

Everytime I write its like I find not create.

Its feeling I initiate.

Its great to “just” thats all.

I do what I must, at least what I tell myself.

Thus I continue to dig to delve.

Deeper and deeper where the concsiousness gets (ever so) steeper.

Like that hypothesis where you merely become aware there is no free will but care to make a choice.

So maybe predetermined but you (still) got a voice.

(So) Redetermine the limits to your cognizance. Cancel the noice

Create everlasting rememberance whatever deploys.

Your repertoire of what learned to keep or spilled. Rejoice

Will you keep going or go to filth. Fellow girls n boys

You act accordingly like the universe its balanced.

Influence is unavoidable just keep yourself challenged.

Keep yourself managed, be the one managing, letting others gets damaging.

Just do you! who cares if society says its ravaging.


Let me take that feedback aka constructed indication.

I will feed back, aka show my motivation.

Got my feet back I lucked it, aka some sensation.

With my feat pack, skillfull but fuck it.


Break it down, get on track of this business.

I take my own minds crown. Bitches.

Dont curse me down witches.

Let me exploit the glitches.

And call me the bug catcher.

Incompetent stretchers of being so stuck up.

Its fucked up to think about what we accomplished so shut up.

Its like every thought is refurbished.

Again so shut up.

Its the right time for a passage of rite. Right here, right?

Might, but first we need to figure out what about.

Humans love war and fame all part of the intelligence game.

Love is mostly astray.

But always remains as lust.

Have too much, and you will wrongly thrust.

Dont act loud it aint a gym or cantine.

You’re not a chimpanzee so dont scream or shout.

We’re apes doesnt mean we can misbehave about.

Oh and colour doesnt make any a slave.

On to the next route.

Now a break to think about some things other. To break the mold and step on the brake. And fewer mirrors thats a bother to make.

Maybe If we take time ittl become clearer.

Let it sink in…. ittl sear her, or him.

Unknown if your gender needs thinkin’

Next wim.

Time to inject some allure…

I write like an inkjet.

Thats for sure.

Daily banter here on earth.

Take a gander I’ll stay pure to what I feel.

I could wander but it won’t be real.

I’ll reel in things close to mind, close to heart.

Its not a means to an end but at least a start. Oke it ain’t magnificent but sure goes hard.

And everyday I do my part in life to enjoy not only survive.

But boy does fun make you thrive its a drive. Just dive deep dont be scared if found steep. Its never as bad as the endless sleep.

Everyday I ponder in mind it creeps.

But as long as you dont follow sheep… you’ll be okay.

Just sway a bit dont be hollow… you wont break.

There is just too much at stake.

So yeah life can be tough but so can steak you already ordered and paid youll eat just enough.

Just pretend your fate is the meat. And feast on love.

For now… lesson done its been enough.

Bars (sorry I was ill)

Bars, never intended them to be on par,

like a golf course you try to make it far,

Finish the course, but you ain’t a hole in one star,

At least I dared to start.

Many of us are just scared to be part.

Wary of what lies in our heart.

Social constructs constricted their smart.

But it ain’t smart to let norms conflict it.

It hits hard to have your sense depicted.

Let your mind drool unrestricted.

Sense the bound but be wicked,

society is only restrictive.

Be your own fool its bliss,

even better its benedictive.

Scatter the brain and reminisce.

Remember the time of dreams abyss.

When did you decide to diss yourself.

Took the innocense and put it on the shelf.

Did you choose or did they mold your shell.

Is this your blues or you dont feel too well.

Well its up to you to make a change.

Swell the ego but dont break or derange.

Smell your vito, step up take the exchange.

Stand up and scope your own range.

Strange that we let go of hope.

Even though its a hell of a way to cope.

It bestows colour on many grey scopes.

Let me give my sway like a trope.

Like a Lycanthrope I power up from the moon.

Where Luna stands for that which makes you attune.

Where the stars make you sing a tune.

And the sky the canvas of your personal toon.

Personally tuned to fly low.

To follow routine no purposeful grow.

Study, work, pay taxes as if money’s to blow.

But you think your born for this boring show?

Show your skills, acquired or talent.

Do pay bills but fill desire, be gallant.

Elegant to your souls extravegance.

Imminent to our soles hindrance.

Take the chance to walk your road.

Whatever it is that makes ya boat float.

Let go of shame, pride but keep a healthy boast.

Never forget to look in the mirror and roast.

If you start inspecting oneself ittl become clearer.

Destiny is feeble you have to stear her.

But dont overdo or you’ll stir her.

And to any hate just go hurr durr.

And most of all keep going harder.