For the moment Instagram.

I have been posting on my instagram instead the site stagnated at newer posts. Once I have gotten a following I shall return to here. In the end managing a site is more fun than just a feed. Insta: @entropyaround links can also be found in the website menu. Thanks for your time and hope […]

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A tiny teedy bitty late.

Okay so I was going to write an entry when I watched Guardian of the Galaxy 2 wich I did now. And boy was it amazing (to me) it was pure comedy gold I ffing loved it. Like always I can’t really spoil so I will just say baby groot is funny as fuck. And […]

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Today the 4th of march I went to Logan with my father. And in 1  word amazing. In a couple more words sad gets added. But I guess I have to go a bit more in depth. Ofcourse spoiler free. To start of the film is quite long about 2 hours but it is quite […]

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The Great wall.

Yesterday wich was the 18th of february I went to my local cinema with my father to go and watch The Great wall in Imax 3D. The movie to me started of nicely I do like movies with Matt Damon. Them just starting out being chased was fun to see. Of course I can’t put […]

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