The middle

Its about the content, the middle, everything inbetween.

Feeling content, dont belittle and never be mean.

Be heard dont be seen.

Listen dont speak.

Be first to the scene of a betterment streak.

Never be bleak, never too keen.

Revel your peaks and always stay green.

And when peeps interfene. Be your own freak.

At the end of the day its them who seem meek.

Just let them sway and swing at your schemes.

At least you can say you followed your dreams.

Life is gray not black and white, not what it seems.

We allways end in endless fights. Blasting steam.

Of conflict it reaks. With mishaps it teems.

But its just a team. A minority.

There is good streams. Majorly

Major league of priority. A phase a theme.

A face to tame. A race of blame.

But noones guilty we are all the same.

All born in to play this game.

To make money to support the frame.

To try and get some sort of fame.

Its sort of lame. A short fuse flame.

Just find your aim.

Look at from where you came.

Give meaning to your name.

Dynamically remain.

Be nice dont maim.

Its not bad to feel shame.

As long as you acclaim.

As long as you can say you overcame.

Anything life threw you just knew.

No matter how blue. No matter how far, how due. How to do, to fix this bowl of lively stew.

You kept going and grew, found a posse.

Your personal crew. Not always glossy.

But at least you could share your view.

So bare with it and just skew.

Be content to be able to die and say whew!

What a ride.

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