Life is yours.

Born into existence scorned to be persistent.

Sworn to be lenient.

I was feeble but understanding through repent….resent.

How convenient. But what next.

Life is a test a text taking your life to read. Wishing to be the best. Forgetting all the rest. We bleed.

My goal is to rise, an eternal quest, one of might, one of wits and jest.

Its your life your device.

One to beat this nest breeding with birds of prey.

Teeming with burdens we pay.

Everytime we sway it hurts me.

But everytime I say no worries it ensures me. Simple as that.

And surely all there is to it is well just that.

Trust that whatever happens you thrust past.

You must last, find a way to bust or blast away. Anything keeping you out of play, out of the ring of societal stray.

Let your soul sing.

Spring out of your bowl of fleety flings.

Stand up to do your thing!!

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