Blurry lines

Fantasy and dreams is where I draw the line.
Inbetween the seams is where it is all fine.
Find your inner peace keep it on your spine.
Evil side screams but choose to keep it kind.
You bind it on a thread but knit yourself a fleece.
A protective cover that binds anything bad.
We cant do as we please.
Whos to judge which is evil clad.
Whos to budge an itch of instinctive fad.
Intellect I elect for that. Rationale is rad.
Ration all thats mad. Think about it for a tad.
Realise grandeur above your head.
The universe itself shows you that.
Life lives for live gives. I give you that.
Take it or leave it but last makes you bad.
Balance is your saviour its your dad.
Or a mom whatever you percieve. Whatever makes you glad.
Just recieve the message even if mistakes have been cast.
At the end of the run we have all past.
Onto the next gen of a human cast.
Wouldnt it be great if pain has since passed.
Your thoughts arent you. You! use the brain to think dont just do what it has asked.

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