Today I wanted to take my time to tell you all about something sublime.

Something many consider a crime.

Yet looking past it culturally its just a prime.

Sensationally an amazing enzyme.

One to make you question societal design.

Thc, mary jane, cannabis floating on cloud 9.

They see a wary lane can a business shroud the mind.

About incline of government grime.

We need a spout of betterment.

In regulations of the green settlement.

Weed aint bad its the domes natural element.

Blue boys being mean. Suit boys crash the scene.

Nations fail to see the benefit of ganja slashes.

Locking up results in social crashes.

Flocking potheads insults the masses.

Stereotyping makes for bad classes.

Causes drama to be where the sass is.

Karma isnt enough to suss this.

Cultivate your darma to clutch this.

And dont hold any grudges.

We need to initiate to budge biz.

Before legality trusts this.

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