Lets do a story before we, end deranged and lonely. Only if we estranged apes could sing homely instead of picking homes. If only we thought with our heart not the dick and dome.

Let us start the telling of some big MO.

History is like kidney stones. It grows blows out of proportion it shows through the drama on this earth sized stage. Its the darma of endless karma plus rage. And at this point she’s a charmer not a bitch. Shes the untouchable witch like a golden snitch during a game of quidditch. Literal like the snake she is but it was us eating the forbidden fruit. Giving up our souls to take through moralities roots. Morale is but feeble thing breaking down at the slightest ring all you have to do is cross a border.

As in travel abroad or the social order.

They dont uphold so instead mine are based on science. This way it matters not if there is no compliance.

Cant dispute facts out of arrogance or nuance. Nor can you use hocus pocus or a seance.

We really do need to focus. It seems more like we are crocus planted by the government to strengthen their base of financial torment. Yet did any of us actually present them with our assent? No we remained dormant they made us their personal convent.

But let us convey instead our message of dissent and send them signals ahead. Have them spread and create some political bloodshed. Simmer down the hate. At least inbetween. Common mankind isnt the enemy. Rather everyones got a friend in me. Just wait and see if we change our creed we will change our needs and our greeds. Maybe even tone down the heat.

But never forget society is a lake, politics a piranha.

They’ll eat off your skin now your gone ya.

Never remain in your closet this ain’t Narnia.

Be yourself put it out dont leave it in your barnyard.

See the world your target now bombard.

See the world your starlet now die hard.

But before keep going, keep showing walk on any leyline keep flowing.

Feel the mana around ever growing.

Its our time! keep boasting.

Life is a lone wolf dire in size. Revise your stance show some fire and ice. Dance and gather a choir. Set up a shire comprised of thought and ideals the internet is your amplifier, sometimes wrought with boring ordeals.

But remember life is a steal we couldve also not existed so whats the deal noone really knows. Belief isnt proving. Nowadays science is just goofing.

Ignorance grows and the government likes this compliance.

Lets work around our differences and bounds. In the end we are all lonely together, seperatly tethered. So let us shake hands for the better.

Before the high ups have us completely shattered.

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