How to write.

Everytime I write its like I find not create.

Its feeling I initiate.

Its great to “just” thats all.

I do what I must, at least what I tell myself.

Thus I continue to dig to delve.

Deeper and deeper where the concsiousness gets (ever so) steeper.

Like that hypothesis where you merely become aware there is no free will but care to make a choice.

So maybe predetermined but you (still) got a voice.

(So) Redetermine the limits to your cognizance. Cancel the noice

Create everlasting rememberance whatever deploys.

Your repertoire of what learned to keep or spilled. Rejoice

Will you keep going or go to filth. Fellow girls n boys

You act accordingly like the universe its balanced.

Influence is unavoidable just keep yourself challenged.

Keep yourself managed, be the one managing, letting others gets damaging.

Just do you! who cares if society says its ravaging.

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