Bars (sorry I was ill)

Bars, never intended them to be on par,

like a golf course you try to make it far,

Finish the course, but you ain’t a hole in one star,

At least I dared to start.

Many of us are just scared to be part.

Wary of what lies in our heart.

Social constructs constricted their smart.

But it ain’t smart to let norms conflict it.

It hits hard to have your sense depicted.

Let your mind drool unrestricted.

Sense the bound but be wicked,

society is only restrictive.

Be your own fool its bliss,

even better its benedictive.

Scatter the brain and reminisce.

Remember the time of dreams abyss.

When did you decide to diss yourself.

Took the innocense and put it on the shelf.

Did you choose or did they mold your shell.

Is this your blues or you dont feel too well.

Well its up to you to make a change.

Swell the ego but dont break or derange.

Smell your vito, step up take the exchange.

Stand up and scope your own range.

Strange that we let go of hope.

Even though its a hell of a way to cope.

It bestows colour on many grey scopes.

Let me give my sway like a trope.

Like a Lycanthrope I power up from the moon.

Where Luna stands for that which makes you attune.

Where the stars make you sing a tune.

And the sky the canvas of your personal toon.

Personally tuned to fly low.

To follow routine no purposeful grow.

Study, work, pay taxes as if money’s to blow.

But you think your born for this boring show?

Show your skills, acquired or talent.

Do pay bills but fill desire, be gallant.

Elegant to your souls extravegance.

Imminent to our soles hindrance.

Take the chance to walk your road.

Whatever it is that makes ya boat float.

Let go of shame, pride but keep a healthy boast.

Never forget to look in the mirror and roast.

If you start inspecting oneself ittl become clearer.

Destiny is feeble you have to stear her.

But dont overdo or you’ll stir her.

And to any hate just go hurr durr.

And most of all keep going harder.

7 thoughts on “Bars (sorry I was ill)

  1. Wow! Beautifully written. You are an amazing writer and you managed to rattle my emotions by your words and thoughts. This is definitely a good read! Hi, I am Ragazza, I hope you could follow my blog page. Thank you! 🙂


      1. Basically after I started playing VRChat I occasionally read people stuff I wrote but only after all positive feedback on VRChat did I decide i want to further it and make something of it in this feeble life we all get.


  2. It isnt dead yet so I guess thats a good sign even after being ill and not posting when I do post I always have former people like it and usually end up with at least 1 new person liking it. But Im not putting all in writing I would end up in a ditch somewhere XD I write in the little free time besides me working for an average of 50 to 55 hours a week XD and more often than not Im too tired to do anything but I have to pay my debts. And I need to pay both my and my mothers bills since I still live with her the government puts me as the income and she no longer recieves any government money (she is already somewhat older with a few knicks and cracks so noone wants to hire her. But I first need to finish my debts before being able to think about putting more time in my poetry and rap.


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