The frequencies of existence.

The freaks in seas are persistent.

You might not believe this superstition… oh poor systems.

Many of us grief science. But if you question fact why not question god?

I hear no compliance.

Sorry, did you feel attacked?

Its just a thought.

….I possess only respect.

Everyone feels what they feel.

Wether they believe and hope or accept whats real.

Except thats not really the deal.

Either Divine or coincidence, real or fake

Let me give you some excelense to take.

You always dine with the same dillemma at stake.

It either began or didnt both equally illogical. Think and find its stressfully irrational.

Stretch fully international and ponder together. Wander off in mind.

Sink the bind and tether.

And most of all feel inclined.

We need to rethink or lives, hives, and strives, our kinks and minds.

To fix our devestation in time.

Before disaster strikes our kind.

When it happens your money wont even be worth a dime. Sooooo….

Take a filler a breather of any kind.

Keep moving dont be a seater.

And be inclined to see her beauty proving the amazingness that is life.

Dont just survive.

Dont thrive for others, dont join the hive, but care for your brothers.

Or your sisters we remain with many blisters.

No longer does life show any glitters.

Glamour is the reason we lost our shine.

Now its just worshipping idols or some random shrine.

Its time to make a change.

No matter your range or stance.

Just act before we derange.

Have a good cause to gain fans.

Earth will be fine its but the end of the humans.

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