Goals in life you show to thrive in society, find work in sobriety of the hive minds propriety.

Filled with anxiety full of notoriety. Not too ripe to see the vileness so bright to feel its dark when sealed.

Be stark dont kneel to ground. Feel around, sense the bounds and exceed them.

Free them inner sparks you need them. We bleed when we hit our heads from greed.

And we cut when envy arrives. Keep your strive towards endless might.

Treat your mind gently. Find your entries into success slave away to beat personal best.

Pave the way for a formidable quest of finding that which you love. It all starts out rough. But sharpen it and stay tough.

Harden the ego charge for it is never enough. Life is short. Enjoy for it may abruptly abort.

And sadly thats probably where it all stops.

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