My poetry

Another one bites the dust.

Ever so growing repertoire of poetry in my bust. So ill keep busting it out writing letter after letter to fill the crust of art-illery.

Lusting over my own boiling distillery. I am part human full on empathy. I aim to be the change of an indifferent kind of range.

Self proclaimed ranger of the strange mind class. Endeavorment of a slave bind crest. Enter the test of a life go find personal best.

Stress befalls any soul alike. All ego’s go on hefty strikes. Yikes life is tougher than presumed. But why did you pre zoom in on what might be left doomed.

Groom your personality don’t stick to gloom or irrationality.

We need to be ourselves stick to the sentimentality of “I”. You can delve so much deeper if you research yourself. Figure it out be aware.

Add the self find those snares. Those glares hidden in the brain in your dna it is only fair.

It would be criminality to keep your talents forbidden. So bid them asynchronicities goodbye.

Turn of hive mind and start to fly. Not in the air but within.

The deepest bellows where your subconsciousness begins. Uncover personal sins but find so much more.

Move forever forward avoid regress. For life ends in twillight sleep and we might find its the only leap.

Existence is scary so lets be indifferent about it.

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