Death it is okay to say its scary.

Its okay to be cautious, to be wary.

Just keep it a little sparingly.

It takes dare to see all that is and all that ever will be.

We are in this kneedeep.

This crevice of life is steep.

The end hits with a twillight sleep.

Limbo the place inbetween nothing and even less.

This flow is grazed clean by everything as egress.

Don’t stress. Feel blessed dance through this test.

This maze of amasement of what could be the very best.

If we could just blast through the shell and inbed indifference so we no longer dwell.

So we no longer feel compelled to find one others shortcoming.

Instead we should compliment every sister and brother’s forthcomings.

8 thoughts on “Death

      1. Ah you basically give like a “shoutout” of poetry of others. If in the future a poem of mine is put on your blog there will be no repercussions? Like it can be a once in a bluemoon type a thing. Im still new to doing things and wanting my poetry to be more serious. XD


      2. Ascerblog is not a shoutout thing. It is also not a wordpress site.
        It is a self hosted publishing platform for writers where they can register and share their content.


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