How about we just take gear down.

How about we we just let the hate drown.

Why do we shout and state a sheer amount of nothing but pressure upon one another. It makes me shudder erasure of my rudder and then my mind stutters when society clutters.

Stop milking those udders for every one and other. Don’t hive along but don’t be a bother.

Be a brother or sister strive to heal the blisters.

Be a constant glister in the grim and barren land. The plane noone seems to understand. That everyone sane sees as bland.

But it is so much more. The whole meaningless argument is why I am so so sure.

Certain that when I stay pure to my own intent ever so turbulent. And represent my own souls allure. That I will triumph and cure my fear of the end.

Who cares its your only round. Who cares there is no higher ground. Shouldn’t that be the very reason to stay around to keep having fun to keep having found new ways to enjoy in this big bound.

Started by a supposed big bang which gave birth to frequencies that sang into formation the keys of creation. That went on to form ever so perfect for us to have been but a sensation yet it makes no sense for there to be an instigation.

So don’t dissect life but inspect life. Just witness all the science all the emotion all of the devotion of those aware of indifference capabilities. And share love and festivities.

Lastly there are no cities. There isn’t even earth there is existence within our instance of that I am sure.

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