I feel tickless

Give me a second.

Another minute would make me beckon.

Hours of fun is great I reckon.

But I love everyday so make every week stretch in and turn to months of joy of laughter ahoy.

Years go by faster at each tick after 2 decades I start to feel sick.

My ego took a hit realised growing to 30 can be shit.

Still at the start but is soon to go hard. Because it will reach sonic speeds just hear him say gotta go fast, gotta go faster.

Untill my bones are plaster.

Untill the unkown disaster strikes. The reaper touch at heart “yikes”.

This is the end of where you go.

This path of friend and foe.

Of any situation ever lived through in sensation.

Sow the seeds of opportunity ahead. Do what you love we all end up dead.

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