My poetry

Another one bites the dust. Ever so growing repertoire of poetry in my bust. So ill keep busting it out writing letter after letter to fill the crust of art-illery. Lusting over my own boiling distillery. I am part human full on empathy. I aim to be the change of an indifferent kind of range. […]

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She may be short, and you may remark. But in her soul shines the biggest spark. Her heart is as big as the universe. The good in her is so immersed. With a quirky personality so diverse.

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Second, Minute, Hour, Day. Time passes so move forward don’t stay. Work, Study, Learn, and Grow. Do these things and you will glow. The biggest star is you, it is not the size that matter. It is what you do. Do you good or do you wrong. Either way Life goes on.

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Death it is okay to say its scary. Its okay to be cautious, to be wary. Just keep it a little sparingly. It takes dare to see all that is and all that ever will be. We are in this kneedeep. This crevice of life is steep. The end hits with a twillight sleep. Limbo […]

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How about we just take gear down. How about we we just let the hate drown. Why do we shout and state a sheer amount of nothing but pressure upon one another. It makes me shudder erasure of my rudder and then my mind stutters when society clutters. Stop milking those udders for every one […]

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