The Great wall.

Yesterday wich was the 18th of february I went to my local cinema with my father to go and watch The Great wall in Imax 3D.

The movie to me started of nicely I do like movies with Matt Damon. Them just starting out being chased was fun to see. Of course I can’t put too many spoilers in here. I don’t want people to dislike my blog so I will just say the action and skills displayed were quite intriguing and the cast and acting was to me quite spot on.

The creatures are interesting design-wise and how they are written in good aswell. The change of heart point was satisfying to me aswell I like it when people become good at heart.

Other than this I won’t be able to tell much other than saying you should see for yourself. I do hope people will watch it and form there own opinion.

Thanks for reading and till next time.


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