We are gathered here today to talk about a problem. This “problem” we speak of is my so called “laziness”. You probably are wondering why “so called”. Well fellow humans and/or aliens, this is because I am lazy in an onorthodox way. What I mean by this is at work and other similar things I am active, productive and such, but when it comes to my gaming, my anime and similar things there is not much avail.

When I was younger I would finish game after game aswell as anime after anime, comic book after comic book and well you get the hang of it.

My planned list of anime, comics and games grows and grows by the day mostly. So I do have to get going. On avarage I watch about 2 episodes of anime a week, play about 1 or 2 hours of games a week, watch about 1 episode of something on netflix, and I follow legion every thursday on Fox.

But I want to do more but after work and other responsibillities I have no energy. Now you are thinking but relaxing watching things cost less to no energy. The problem lies within the choice “what do I want to do there is so much choice”. The choice also lies within me wanting to watch tv in the living room and always not setting up my pc. When I do I often put a Idle game on as distraction wich is very counter productive.

I wish people would help me compile some lists of anime for example that I could work my way through. My  “MyAnimeList” account is listed here on my blog so if anyone has some ideas please go ahead.

Thanks for reading.


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