I have to start somewhere.

Hello my name is Jorémy and I live in Amsterdam. I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now but never knew what type of blog I should start. With this blog that will change instead of choosing I decided to make this blog me “literally”.

This blog will contain content relevant to my interests but also interests of people I take a liking to. Wether friend or foe, famous or complete stranger if the person has something I am willing to talk about I would make a post about them or it.

A short list of my interests seems fitting for now: Anime, games, music, movies, comics, gadgets, science, technology, animals, people, nature and many more feel free to ask whatever you like.

I am considered odd by many and people often say they are intrigued of my ways and things I think about. Furthermore I love getting to know people and see what wonderfull individuals life can bring.

Let’s hope there will be people who could take a liking to this project of mine. I look forward to what wonders the internet will bring forth.



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